S5500-48GT4GF New-generation Environment-friendly & Energy-saving Ethernet Switches

52 Port Toplama Switch (48GE + 4GE SFP + 1 Konsol)
48 x 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet port, 4 x 1000Base-X Ethernet port
Anahtarlama Kapasitesi: 256Gbps, Paket İletme Hızı: 78Mbps
VLAN, DHCP, ACL, Port Aggregiation, Mirroring, Flow Control, Multicast,
QoS, Statik IP Routing, DHCP, SNMP, RMON, SSH2.0, Telnet, CLI, Web, RIP,
Nem Aralığı: 5%~95

Marka: Dahua

Model: S5500-48GT4GF

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User Manual2019-05-10DH-S5500-48GT4GF User ManualEnglishrar 


Technical Specification
Model DH-S5500-48GT4GF
Switching capacity 256 Gbit/s
Packet forwarding rate 78Mpps
Management port One console port
Fixed port 48 x 10/100/1000Base-T Ethernet port

4 x 1000Base-X Ethernet port

Port aggregation Supports the following port aggregation features:


●Manual port aggregation

●A maximum of eight ports in each aggregation group

Layer-2 ring network protocol Supports STP, RSTP, and MSTP.
VLAN Supports the following VLAN features:

●Port-based VLANs (4,000 VLANs)

●MAC address–based VLANs

●Protocol-based VLANs


●QinQ and flexible QinQ

●VLAN mapping

●Guest VLANs

DHCP Supports the following DHCP features:

●DHCP Server

●DHCP Client

●DHCP Relay

●DHCP Snooping

●DHCP Snooping Option82

IPv4 Supports IPv4 static routing, RIP, and OSPF.
IPv6 Supports the following IPv6 features:

●IPv4 and IPv6 dual-protocol stack

●IPv6 static routing


●Pingv6, Telnetv6, FTPv6, TFTPv6, and ICMPv6

Multicast Supports the following multicast features:

●IGMP Snooping and fast leave

●MLD Snooping

●Multicast VLANs

Stacking Supports hybrid stacking of a maximum of 32 devices.
Mirroring Supports port mirroring and flow mirroring.
ACL Supports the following ACL features:

●Packet filtering on L2 to L4

●Match of the previous 80 bytes in a packet

●ACL definition based on the source MAC address, destination MAC address, source IP address, destination IP address, IP protocol type, TCP/UDP port, TCP/UDP port scope, and VLAN

●ACL issuance based on ports or VLANs

●ACLs based on time ranges

●Hardware-based IPv6 ACL and QoS

QoS Supports the following QoS features:

●Diff-Serv QoS

●Eight output queues on each port

●802.1P/DSCP priority mapping

●Queue scheduling mechanisms

●Priority marking and remarking

●Flow-based packet filtering

●Flow-based redirection

●Flow-based rate limiting

●Voice VLANs