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Many government contractors across the country are subject to the Davis-Bacon Act – including a growing number of small and large construction firms. Any certified payroll software uses IRS form WH-347, required for contractors dealing with federally-funded projects. This form proves all workers on this project get paid according to the Davis-Bacon Act.

Standard employee benefits options (like workers’ comp insurance) are also available, although Gusto’s health plans only cover 39 states. Publicly funded federal projects typically require employers to pay workers prevailing wages (also known as Davis-Bacon wages). Managing payroll is an important part of any construction business, but it can be particularly difficult if your construction company handles government contracts. You have to figure out taxes, wage rates, overtime, and a whole host of other data to file certified payroll reports and comply with the Davis-Bacon Act. Easily verify and generate certified payroll reports, including compliance and no work reports, prevailing wage, and union fringes.

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Choose from the tools below to build out your customized accounting software. You might make unavoidable errors at times as you do payroll reporting. Keep an eye out for the common ones that you may otherwise overlook for the sake of your business.

  • CoConstruct helps construction firms manage change orders, project costs, project communication, and business leads.
  • Certified Payroll Reporting has helped me save time and money by streamlining my payroll process.
  • Contractor Essentials is suitable for firms with the need for field service management, such as HVAC companies that need to create daily schedules for field technician visits to client sites.
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  • Certified payroll software is usually needed to maintain the payroll for workers of public work projects.
  • Managers can view all of this data as consolidated weekly reports and use them to fill the WH-347 form.

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What is a payroll register and how to use one?

It can also handle simple to complex job costing and offers a wide range of construction-specific reports, including custom ones to fit your business’ specific reporting needs. Gusto stands out because it offers multiple payment options with two-day and next-day direct deposits, although QuickBooks Payroll has a same-day option. It also has a contractor-only payroll plan that, while simplistic, is the cheapest on our list. It even provides excellent tools for money management for your employees through Gusto Wallet.

What is certified payroll?

Certified payroll is a federal WH-347 form that must be submitted weekly to the agency overseeing a federal government contract.

Certified Payroll Reporting has helped me save time and money by streamlining my payroll process. ADP Run has subscription options that include features ranging from payroll to a combination of payroll, time tracking , and HR . Efficient payroll designed for construction can help you save time and money by making calculations easier, filing accurate taxes and reports, and organizing job costs. The best construction payroll software has specific reports and job codes for the construction industry. The DOL provides many helpful tools to help with compliance on certified payroll reports. One of the tools is a wage determination tool to help you calculate prevailing wage.

INTERAC, Flashtract, Sage 200cloud, ComputerEase are the top alternatives to Certified Payroll Reporting.

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certified payroll how to set up prevailing wage items and generate certified payroll reports. Using this program will automate the completion of these forms for you. In addition, the program will help you calculate the taxes and other payroll deductions.

Prevailing wage, without the rage.

Bids for public works projects like construction projects have always been super competitive. Contractors with the lowest bid prices for public works projects often have an advantage.

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